Welcome to Leigh & Westhoughton Ju Jitsu Clubs!

Leigh & Westhoughton Ju Jitsu Clubs (LWJJC) is a traditional Ju Jitsu Club, we pride ourselves on high standards of teaching for all ages (5+). Based in Westhoughton.

We aim to give all our students an ability to defend themselves in the outside world, but also to develop strong traits in Confidence, Maturity, Respect, Resilience, Determination, Working with others, as well as Fitness and Strength.

We believe every child has the right to defend themselves; so, we give children the ability to defend themselves with techniques for situations from school yard bullying to street attacks. But we do all of this in a safe, stable and friendly environment.

Our classes cover a wide range of aspects (of Ju Jitsu) including: Traditional Techniques, Street Defence, Throws, Ground work and Grappling.

Our defences work from a wide range of attacks such as: Punches, Kicks, Strangles / Chokes, Knifes, Bottles, Clubs, and a variety of grabs.

An excellent martial art for anyone whether they be curious, or wishing to develop skill, maybe even have some past experience and are looking to return.

We feel that our club has a fantastic family atmosphere both on and off the mat and invite you to come down and experience it for yourself.


All our classes are mixed Gender.